Tovie Van Nes

As a native Calgarian, I was fortunate to be born where I was meant to be. I love the western flavor of the City, the friendly people, the proximity to the mountains and I even love the dramatic temperature fluctuations. My first real experience with horses was volunteering with the Calgary Handicapped Riding Association in the 80’s. When the program lost its government funding, I adopted one of the horses – a black and white paint horse named Apache. He was absolutely the perfect horse for someone who loved horses but knew nothing about them. Apache kept me out of trouble on more than one occasion. Along the journey to discovering what horsemanship means, I have had wonderful mentors and advice. I now have my own little herd I call the “Boys”. The sheer joy of seeing them every day far exceeds anything I could have imagined as a child. Our “Boys” and I look forward to sharing that experience with others who were born horse crazy.