If you have a love for horses but have had limited opportunity to be around them; perhaps you’ve had a bad experience riding or handling a horse; or you’ve jumped in feet first and committed to horse ownership but you do not feel 100% comfortable and safe. Spending time with our well behaved “Boys” will help you learn what to expect from a horse that is trusting and respectful with people. Whatever the case, you will not be disappointed by your experience at Just Horsing Around.

New to Horses - Seeking Knowledge

Some folks come simply for the recreational experience of learning to be with horses – our “Boys” can help you discover that joy. 

Other folks are contemplating horse ownership and are taking the first step to educate themselves before making the commitment. Most folks are surprised to discover how much they don’t know about what is required of them to secure a relationship with a horse. Effective ground work will keep you safe in their presence and ultimately when you are in the saddle. Me and the “Boys” can help you become confident and knowledgeable so you can make informed decisions with regard to horse ownership.

We will cover safe handling practices, health management, the importance of well fitting tack, effective ground working skills, and much more.

Already Committed

Often times folks acquire a horse only to realize they don’t have the knowledge or skills to deal with an annoying, scary, or sometimes dangerous horse. Your dream of horse ownership is quickly turning into a nightmare. Frustration begins when knowledge ends and all the love and good intention won’t remedy the situation. I travel throughout southern Alberta helping folks gain a better understanding of what their horse is trying to tell them and then teaching them a few effective handling techniques that will turn this nightmare back into their dream.

Old School - But there is a better way

Has an “experienced” horse person told you that you haven’t ridden enough if you’ve never fallen off or that falling off and getting hurt is a normal part of being with horses and to just cowboy up? Your horse crow hops a few times and then you are good to go, or won’t stand still for mounting so just lunge the energy out of them before you try to mount. Do you often feel that if only you were a better rider, you could stay on when your horse spooks or gets worried when you take them out alone? Or the horse needs a bigger bit or bigger spurs or one of the worst things I’ve heard an experienced coach tell someone is that “their horse loves pain, so hit that mare harder with a riding crop”. "Show that horse who the boss is" – "the horse is just stubborn, lazy, mean, or plain old crazy". Let me help you to open your mind to the possibility that none of these old school ideas are correct – I promise you, there is a better way.