Let me introduce you to the "Boys"

Over the years horses have come and gone. I've been fortunate to have had some really great horses but it was the challenging horses that taught me the most. The variety of personalities among our herd help students discover what type of horse is best suited for them.

Magic - "Entwhistle Resistol"

Magic originally belonged to a wrangler at Sundance Guest Ranch, where we went on vacation. After having the opportunity to ride Magic, a deal was struck and we brought him home. Initially, he was hard to catch and had a couple of other minor quirks. Once we worked through those issues, what can I say – Magic is perfect. He is the horse that helps folks build confidence when they are scared. If there were ever a reason to clone a horse, Magic would be it – he is awesome in every way.

Navar - "A Little Irish Dust "

Navar was a yearling when I purchased him in 2012. I finally felt I had enough time, knowledge, skill and physicality that I would not ruin him. My earliest memory of feeling bonded to a horse was an old grulla mare named Topsy. Since then, it was a colour I have always wanted to own. When I responded to the advertisement, it turned out that I had met the lady who bred Navar (aka Louie) – the owner of Wheatland Equestrian. When I told Heather who I was, she immediately told me that he was the sweetest baby she had ever bred. I took Gord with me to be my voice of reason because I certainly didn’t need another horse – even my dream horse. Heather and her staff definitely do a great job with their youngsters because he was a sweet yearling with great manners – he is lovingly known as Sugar Plum around our place.

Magnum - "Gypsy's Dude"

My dear friend Sherri (former student) and I went to a working horse auction in Stavely in July 2012. Prior to the auction, each horse was demonstrated and the owner was available to ask questions. Turns out he had had a successful career showing in reining and working cow horse. Magnum “Mags” (formerely known as Dude) was a last minute entry. Sherri and I both thought he was the best horse at the auction and so we decided to bid on him together. His auction number was 44, hence the reason we changed his name to Magnum. We purchased “Mags” at the ripe old age of 18. He is the best trained horse I have ever ridden and one year I took him to the annual cattle drive we help is wonderfully honest and reliable.

Skeeter - "Turnabout Skeeter"

We went to check out Skeeter for a friend of ours. He wasn’t fond of Paints but I fell in love with Skeeter’s colour and his lovely smooth, rocking horse gaits. The next day was my birthday so Skeeter was delivered in August 2005. Skeeter`s unique personality consistently challenges your commitment to being the leader. He is not a naturally confident horse but his manners are impeccable and in the mountains, you could not ask for a better horse. At 16.1hh, he has learned to stretch out to lower his back and make it easier for me to get on.